How to Connect YouTube Data API

How to Connect To YouTube Data API Steps:1Visit A New Project3Add YouTube Data API from the API library to Project4Create API Credentials5. Video Walk Through

How To Stop A Program

How To Stop The Program Sometimes you may want to stop the operation in the middle of the program running for whatever maybe the reason; that’s why we have provided the stop button as seen in the screenshot below.  Once you click the “Stop Button” give the software a minute or two to stop performing […]

How The Software Performs Multiple Tasks At Same Time

How The Software Performs Multiple Tasks At Same Time Sometimes you need to perform simultaneously multiple sets of operations at the same time. For example instead of searching one keyword at a time you may want to perform keyword research for 3 keywords at the same time. So this concept is called as multi-threading. In […]

How The Software Stores Data in Your Computer

How The Software Stores Data in Your Computer Whenever you start the software it will create a extra file (database file ending with the name “data”) if it is not already present as below screenshot and it will store it in the folder of your application.Now if you have created projects and stored in the […]

How Pagination Works

 How Pagination Works By default the software will show 50 results on the first page. You can use the forward and back buttons to go either to the next page of results or the last and the first page results.ExampleThe results above are having 74 results and that’s why the software is showing pages as […]

How to View Details of License Information

  How To View License InfoIf you have forgotten your license information or else want to see all the details of your license then you can see it in the profile section of the software which displays this information once your license is activated1. How To Read Details of License-  Name : The name of […]

I Forgot My License Keys

How To Recover Your License KeysIf you have forgotten your license keys while installing after a few days or for a new computer installation then there are many ways to get back the keys:-1. Inside Your WarriorPlus Purchase HistoryYou can view your license keys from warriorplus itself. Note that this does not apply to other […]

How to Access Your Purchase From Warriorplus

How To Access Purchase From WarriorPlusWe have done a demo purchase to show you how you will exactly get access to your purchase (downloads, license keys, purchase receipts) when you buy any of our software product or course from the warriorplus marketplace. These are the main steps : -1Access Your License Keys From Warriorplus from […]

How To Run A New Update For The Software

How To Install A Software UpdateWhenever you start the software each time it will check for an update if there is a new version. If there is a new version then the software will auto-update & restart by following the steps as below:-1Click the “Update Now” button2Wait for the software progress bar to complete downloading […]

How Software Stops False Restart

 How Software Stops False RestartIf you press the “Start” button many times it may lead to malfunctioning of the software. In order to prevent this from happening and even in the case of you accidentally pressing the “Start” button many times the software will show a error pop-up message as below.ExampleAs you can see the […]