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  • Cut down on your research time
  • Find time to create more books
  • Analyze key metrics of competition faster
  • Get the insights you need to rank your own books
  • No tech skills required

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Do You Know What Is Common In All Of The Books Below Making Thousands of dollars month after month?

These are the most popular books based on sales ranking in the top 100 best sellers categories in the KDP marketplace.

How BOOK RESEARCH Can Be Extremely Lucrative?

Before you start writing a book about one of your niches, make sure there are a lot of other similar books on Amazon's best-seller list. 

You don't want to spend weeks or months writing a book only to discover that the subject is useful or interesting to only you and three other people.

You must analyze certain competition metrics while conducting research, such as the book's price, ratings, book cover design, and book format.

If your research shows that your target audience is willing to pay a higher price for a specific niche, you can afford to charge a higher price too.

There’s A Big Problem...It Can Take Forever To Research Best-Seller Category Books on Amazon

Success in the publishing industry begins with thorough market research. Manually carrying out this process is time-consuming and inefficient. 

Just like in any other form of marketing, automation is the key to achieving success in Kindle publishing. 

It's all a numbers game; the more books you can publish and rank quickly, the more money you'll earn. 

Imagine Being Able to Research 100s Of Books In A Matter Of Minutes? This Could Be A Game Changer For Your Business.

How much more money could you make if you could automate the book research process? And let's not forget... you are leaving a lot of money on the table by doing book research manually.

You might be thinking...look, is that even possible? 

This was the exact problem I was having while trying to do tedious book research manually until I had an idea that changed the game for me.

 CatZon is perfect for:

Kindle Publishers

If you are publishing books for kindle like short reads, singles, eBooks, nonfiction singles.

Book Publishers

If you are publishing paperback, hardcover fiction & non-fiction paid books.

Audible Publishers

If you are publishing audible audio books.

Low Content Authors

If you are publishing low content books like picture books for children or calendars.



Catzon helps you to research books from top categories in 3 Easy Steps:  

Choose the category

Select the book format either kindle or book. Within seconds you'll be harvesting results from a list of over 36 categories.

  • Choose the number of results
  • Select either paid or free book type
  • Search from over 36 categories

 Filter The Harvested Results

Get blazing-fast filters. With just one-click you can instantly filter the results based on various criteria.

  • Filter the results based on price
  • Filter the results based on reviews
  • Filter the results on other criteria

Create a word cloud

Create stunning word cloud based on the most frequently occurring words from the titles.

  • Brainstorm topic ideas from these titles
  • Simple one-click export to your computer
  • Displays the words along with occurrences

CatZon is Easy To Use

                       You'll Cut Down On Your Research Time

  • No need to hide your browser history by searching using incognito windows.
  • No need to bother with annoying chrome extensions that other tools ask you to install.
  • There is no need to sign out of your amazon accounts as search results are not biased.

Here's How It Works :

With a lifetime license, CatZon pays for itself multiple times over.

Because researching categories will help you create profitable books.

Lite Version


  • Research top 100 best-sellers categories from both kindle and books marketplace
  • Filter the results based on various criteria
  • Get a full 30-Day money back guarantee!
  • Step by step training
  • Install on 1 computers you own
  • Personal use license


 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Pro Version


Everything in Lite, plus : 

  • Create stunning word clouds
  • Export Word Cloud
  • Install on 3 computers you own
  • Personal use license


 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Let CatZon help you research categories for 30 days risk-free.

Your purchase is protected by a "no nonsense" guarantee.

If you decide to get CatZon Pro or Lite today you'll have 30 days to put it to use and do better and faster research for your books.

In the unlikely event it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll just refund your full purchase amount - no questions asked.

It's as simple and straight-forward as that.

Within the next 60 Minutes itself you can start researching ideas for your next book

Harvest data from software, filter the results and do analysis!!!

To recap briefly, categories are the sections of the Amazon site where customers can find your book. Think of browse categories like the sections of a physical bookstore (fiction, history, and so on).

People not only search in the search bar but they also click on the categories to find books. So this is another reason not to overlook it.

And if  you decide to test drive Catzon you'll have instant access to research the most popular books getting the most sales.

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Regular Price $47     You SAVE $30

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A Chrome Extension?

No. This is a desktop windows based application that needs to be installed in your computer. You can see video walk through of how to install & run the software in the knowledge base.

Will You Help To Install The Software?

We have given a complete walk through of the workflow of how to access your purchase, install & activate the license in the help section. You can watch those videos & follow it step-by-step.

Even after following those steps you face problem in starting the software you can reach out to our customer support any time at support@madhatmarketing.com

Will CatZon Work On A Mac?

The software will work on windows only. However; if you wish to use on mac we have provided both a free and paid solution which you can see in the help section.

Is Software Video Training Included?

After you make the purchase and follow the steps on how to access your purchase from the help section, you will be automatically enrolled in the course training from a secured login in the site.

Will I Get Updates For Free?

The software gets all data from amazon. If there are any updates from amazon due to which the software malfunctions and is not harvesting the results then the software will be updated .

Those updates will be pushed to your installed software for free automatically without having to re-install the software.

Check in the help section on how updates work.

Not just updates but also upgrades are included. So, when more categories are added to the software you will get those upgrades also for free.

Are there any upgrades? Do I need to buy them to make the front end software work?

Yes and No! There are 3 optional upgrade options available in the offer. You don’t have to buy any of them to make the front end application work. For the sake of transparency we have provided the details of the upgrades below.

OTO1: The first upgrade allows you to do the next step after category research i.e keyword research. This app allows you to generate short-tail & long-tail keywords using the amazon auto-suggest method. This absolutely is not required if you don’t want it, but the value is insane for the tiny investment.

OTO2: The second upgrade is another handy software tool that allows you to perform niche research for your chosen keywords for the kindle marketplace. Imagine being able to gauge the demands and the expectations of the market with a push of the button without having to do entire process manually

OTO3: The third upgrade is a subscription based software for those who are not only doing keyword research for kindle books but also for amazon marketplace and selling physical goods. Plus you can also integrate another app called "keywords everywhere" to know the search volume of the keywords.

Is My Extracted Data Safe?

Unlike web app we are not using any external database. All of your data is saved in your own computer and that is the biggest advantage of a desktop app.

How Many Computers Can I Install On?

You have two license options to select from. With the lite license option you can install the software on 1 computer that you own including a Windows or VPS (Virtual Private Server) such as AWS or a VM (Virtual Machine) such as oracle virtual box or for mac using mac parallels.

With the Pro license option you can install the software on 3 computers that you own including a Windows or VPS (Virtual Private Server) such as AWS or a VM (Virtual Machine) such as oracle virtual box or for mac using mac parallels.

Which Windows Versions Are Supported?

The catzon pro & lite software will work on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11.
XP ,7 & 8 will need the latest .net framework as well as the microsoft redistributable framework to be installed unlike Windows 10 & 11 which have these pre-installed natively by microsoft.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, absolutely. You have a full 30 days to try the software, and if you are not satisfied in any way, contact us here and our team will refund your payment right away.

I Still Have Questions Before Making The Purchase?

Contact us at help section with any pre-sales question. You will surely get a reply.


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