How To White-List The Software In Anti-Virus

Depending on the Anti-Virus Software that you are using the steps below will change as to how to add an exclusion for the software from being scanned and considered as "safe". All antivirus tools allow you to add an exclusion. I am linking to one other reference video on how to add an exclusion or trust list because it is not possible to create a tutorial on how to add an exclusion for all the anti-virus software's.

1. How to Add An Exclusion in Windows Defender

- Choose the following "Add or Remove Exclusions from the Virus & Threat Protection Settings"

2. Click Add an exclusion

- Choose the add an exclusion

3. Choose File or Entire Folder

- Select either the application.exe( e.g worddcloudz.exe) or entire folder to exclude or to add to the trust list.

4. View The FileName Added To The Trust List

- Once you see the filename in the exclusion it is added to the trust list, so it will not be detected as virus in the future as it will not be scanned.

5. Example

- In the example YouTube Video as above you can see how to add an exclusion for "kaspersky"

6. Reference

- See the reference article below on addressing false positives/negatives for windows defender (not necessary to know it but wanted to get across the point of false positives).

Address false positives/negatives in microsoft defender