How To View License Info

If you have forgotten your license information or else want to see all the details of your license then you can see it in the profile section of the software which displays this information once your license is activated

1. How To Read Details of License

-  Name : The name of the customer that the license is activated for
-  Email : The email of the customer that the license is activated for
-  Product : The name of the product that the license is activated for
- Expires On : If you have a lifetime version without any recurring payment it will show as "lifetime". However if it were to be monthly or yearly recurring payment it will reflect the expiry details accordingly.
-  Version : The software will show you which version you are currently using.
- License Limit : If you have purchased a 3 PC license it will show as "3". If you have purchased a single PC license it will show the license limit as "1".   And if your limit is 10 PC Licenses it will show as "10".
- Total installs : This shows how many PC's you have currently installed the software. So if you have activated the software only in one PC then it will show as "1", and if you have activated in more than one computer it will show as "2".
Note that even if you uninstall and install the software in the same computer, your total installs will still remain "1" only unless you install in a different machine - even virtual  box and virtual machines are treated as separate installs.  
- Activation's Left : This shows how many total activation's are left. The number will reduce if you activate in more machines. You can manage your activation's from the manage licenses button from the dashboard in case you want to uninstall the software from one computer and move to a different one.