Ready to check YouTube rankings for your keywords without using proxies?

No more endless scrolling, using incognito windows or using expired proxies. Transform how you think about checking the positions of your keywords with Tube Tron.

Are You Making The Same Mistake Which 90% of You Tubers Make?

Video marketing is becoming more important especially when building a brand. YouTube, the most important video-sharing platform has the 2nd biggest number of yearly searches, right exactly after Google.

YouTube acts as exactly like all the other search engines, displaying various videos as results for a certain keyword, in a certain language and location.

Moreover, Google has a dedicated SERP feature addressed to videos, so ranking better on YouTube grants visibility on Google itself.

Sadly, 90% of You Tubers Don't Check The Rankings

The key last step after uploading your video is to a track how well your keyword is performing in the YouTube SERP.

Because unless and until your videos don't rank in the YouTube search results you are not going to get much traffic.

But doing this process manually is quite cumbersome...Imagine trying to check over 50 to 100 keywords in YouTube to see where your video ranks everyday for the search phrase?

And now multiply this by the time it will take for you to repeat this process for all the videos of your channel You can quickly see why it won't be worth your time or money in the long run doing this process manually.

  No..It's Not Enough To Rank in Top 20. The Top #3 Is Where The Traffic Is!

Numerous studies have shown that over 25% of people click the first result when presented with search results.

Beyond the first few results, click-through rates drop rapidly.

Any upward movement you can make to your video rankings could make the difference between a video that no one watches to a video achieving  lots of views.

Let’s say one of your YouTube video rank #1 for one specific keyword and as long as it’s in #1 position you’ll get constant traffic from that video.

If that drops to rank #2, then you lose ~33% of your traffic.

If it goes to rank #3, you’ll lose ~50% of your traffic.

That’s why you see a drop in overall views and watch time on YouTube dashboard.

The YouTube search engine ranking is hard to it’s good to start monitoring your videos on daily or weekly basis.

 You Might Be Thinking, “But I’m Already Quite Busy As A Solo You Tuber"!

I understand that  you are already quite busy each day juggling many tasks like performing keyword research, creating videos and then making sure to follow best YouTube SEO practices while uploading them.

Not to mention if YouTube is your bread and butter income You also have to focus on creating fresh new content each day to retain your existing audience and stop them from drifting away to your competitor's channels.

But it's not enough. You still need to keep an eye on your rankings

Your position in search has the biggest impact of the success of your video. Being high on the first page of results will lead to potentially thousands of views (depending on the search term of course).

YouTube updates it’s ranking algorithm frequently and you must have the habit to continuously monitor the position of your video on YouTube search engine results.

The Solution To The Problem Lies In Automating The Process

Imagine What If You Could...

  • Accurately check the rankings of your videos without using proxies
  • Potentially be able to outsource your service to others and monitor the rankings of their videos and charge a fee?
  • Stop using incognito windows to monitor your rankings?
  • Say goodbye to those painful days of trying to find manually where your videos are ranking in the YouTube SERP
  • Experience what it’s like to free up time and resources to dedicate to other parts of your business?

 Stop Trying To Re-Invent The Wheel!

"Tube Tron" Rank Explorer is the ultimate tool you need to check not only the organic rankings of your videos but also of your competitors.

  • Get an instant edge over your competition who are not aware how well their videos are performing in SERP.
  • Try to target the same keywords that they are ranking for and leverage your competitor's tactics to your own advantage.
  • Amplify the power of YouTube's native analytics with insights from the rank tracker software. See exactly how well you are ranking for some queries.
  • Track your video content performance and growth. You will undoubtedly yield significantly better results for you and your entire business.


 Tube Tron ( Rank Explorer )

Get Accurate Rank Position

Tube Tron Rank Explorer gives you the current position in the YouTube search results for  all chosen the  keywords of your video.

  • Keywords Distribution

You can harvest keywords to use keyword targeting to run discover and in-stream ADS

  • Rank Checker

 Accurate geotargeted rank checking for single keyword or multiple keywords using YouTube API

  • Compare Rank 

 Compare how two videos rank for the same keyword over a particular time period.

Become a YouTube Ads Superstar

Check The Ranking of Single or Multiple Keywords

While creating your campaign enter the top keywords for which you expect your YouTube video to rank or of your competitor. Then click the "Start Campaign" button and you will instantly be able to check the current rank of your chosen keywords as they appear in the YouTube Search results. Each time you perform a new check  only one new position is created each day. If there is a change in the position the position will be only updated for the day to reflect the change. This avoid duplicate or false rankings.

Track Your Rankings Over A Period Of Time

At any point of time you can check how the keyword position has performed in the YouTube SERP for the keyword by choosing a particular campaign and keyword and the dates you want to track the performance for. In this way you get a quick snapshot or overview of the past performance of the keyword that can help you in making an informed decision of changing the SEO strategy in the future if necessary.

Connect Your YouTube API

Using your YouTube API you can get more accurate rankings unlike any other method. The API also supports geotargeting. Even if you run out of your daily quota you can add additional projects and continue tracking. Connecting the API is very easy : Once you add your API key from the google cloud console Tube Tron will first verify if your API key is correct before you can start tracking .

Monitor Rank Changes of All Your Campaigns

Get a quick snapshot of the keyword performance of all your campaigns. At a glance see which keywords have moved up, moved down, or have had no change  or have no positions in the SERP at all.
This way you can get an idea whether your optimization strategies are working or not and tweak them if necessary.

Compare Rank Positions With Competitor

Track your competitor's or another secondary keyword from your own channel and compare side by side the keyword performance for the video. See which one performed better or worse than the another and also export the chart especially if you are offering your SEO services to an agency to monitor their rankings.


  • To check your YouTube video ranking for a certain search term (keyword)
  • To see how niche competitors on YouTube rank for the same keyword
  • To see a video ranking for certain keyword in a specific location
  • To track your YouTube video rankings daily, weekly, or monthly
  • To see if your video optimization efforts have any effect on YouTube ranking

 No Better Way To Find Accurate Rankings

Keyword Distribution

Monitor keyword distribution and rank changes for all of your targeted keywords from channel or of any competitor video.

Track Multiple Keywords

Track more than one keyword at the same time for the same video by adding multiple keywords in the campaign.

Custom YouTube API

Connect your YouTube API to the app and get accurate up-to-date ranking for your chosen video URL and location and keyword.

Smart Segmentation

Track your ranking positions segmented via groups – Positions #1–3, Positions #4–10, Positions #11–20 and No Rank.


Switch between the countries to see how a video is ranking for a particular keyword in the United States and Canada, or any other region.

  Compare Rank Positions

Easily compare the change in rank of two competing videos over a particular time period for a single keyword.

Powerful Dashboard 

Get a quick overview of how many of your keywords moved up or down in rank, or stayed neutral or are not ranking at all in the top #20.

Useful Activity Log

Easily the track the activity that you have performed across all campaigns which is displayed in an activity log.

Export Charts

Get a quick snapshot of the rank performance of your keywords in the form of pie and line chart. Export and print these charts for future reference.

With Tube Tron You Can...

Time Saver

Stop wasting hours of time manually checking how your keyword is ranking in YouTube

Competition Check

Get insights about what other videos or channels represent your competition

Reach More Customers

Tap into the massive audience of the 2nd largest search engine

. . . and see the results for yourself!

Watch, TubeTron (Rank Explorer) In Action

In The Video Below...

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Tube Tron Rank Explorer





               3 Campaigns

      50 Keywords Per Campaign

               Connect YouTube API

 Check Multiple Keywords

               Rank Checker

               Compare Rank

               Export Chart

               1 PC License





   Unlimited Campaigns

 Unlimited Keywords

   Connect YouTube API

         Check Multiple Keywords

                   Rank Checker

                   Compare Rank

                   Export Chart

                   10 PC License

And If You Are Still Sitting On The Fence...

Stop Trying to Reinvent The Wheel

You'll be able to check your competitors' rankings and see what keywords get them clicks. Tube Tron Rank Explorer  allows you to poach their keywords for yourself and win more clicks to your own YouTube videos as a result. Tracking video rankings daily helps you monitor the progress of your video optimization.

Check Performance Over Time

The real reason why you should track your rankings is that when you check where you video ranks, that is only true at the current moment. If you check tomorrow, next week, next month, it will likely be different. As search algorithms are constantly evolving, so too are the results they surface up.

Save Time

"Time is money"   Your time is better spent on the most important parts of the video marketing business of performing keyword research , creating more videos and engaging with your subscribers. But it is laborious to do manual checkings of position of videos  every day. 

It’s a big waste of time and has the potential to be corrupted with data entry errors or gaps in tracking if you forget to do it one day. 

This is where the Rank Explorer comes in because it keeps track of video positions for you whenever you want. So you can focus on the optimization part and leave the tedious task of  tracking your positions to the tool.

Buy Risk Free

But if you are still sitting on the fence wondering if Tube Tron is right for your business or not, to SWEETEN the deal further your purchase will also be protected by our 30 days No-Questions asked money back guarantee.

Try Tube Tron Rank Explorer Risk Free

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing software, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

And If You Are Still Sitting On The Fence!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A Chrome Extension or A Web App?

No. This is a desktop windows based application that needs to be installed in your computer. You can see video walk through of how to install & run the software in the knowledge base.

Will You Help To Install The Software?

We have given a complete walk through of the workflow of how to access your purchase, install & activate the license in the help section. You can watch those videos & follow it step-by-step.

Even after following those steps you face problem in starting the software you can reach out to our customer support any time at

Will TubeTron Work On A Mac?

The software will work on windows only. However; if you wish to use on mac we have provided both a free and paid solution which you can see in the help section.

Is Software Video Training Included?

After you make the purchase and follow the steps on how to access your purchase from the help section, you will be automatically enrolled in the course training from a secured login in the site.

Will I Get Updates For Free?

The software gets all data from amazon. If there are any updates from amazon due to which the software malfunctions and is not harvesting the results then the software will be updated .

Those updates will be pushed to your installed software for free automatically without having to re-install the software.

Check in the help section on how updates work.

Not just updates but also upgrades are included. So, when more categories are added to the software you will get those upgrades also for free.

Is My Extracted Data Safe?

Unlike web app we are not using any external database. All of your data is saved in your own computer and that is the biggest advantage of a desktop app.

How Many Computers Can I Install On?

You have three license options to select from. With the lite license option you can install the software on 1 computer that you own including a Windows or VPS (Virtual Private Server) such as AWS or a VM (Virtual Machine) such as oracle virtual box or for mac using mac parallels.

With the Plus license option you can install the software on 3 computers that you own including a Windows or VPS (Virtual Private Server) such as AWS or a VM (Virtual Machine) such as oracle virtual box or for mac using mac parallels.

With the Pro license option you can install the software on 10 computers that you own including a Windows or VPS (Virtual Private Server) such as AWS or a VM (Virtual Machine) such as oracle virtual box or for mac using mac parallels.

Which Windows Versions Are Supported?

The catzon pro & lite software will work on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11.
XP ,7 & 8 will need the latest .net framework as well as the microsoft redistributable framework to be installed unlike Windows 10 & 11 which have these pre-installed natively by microsoft.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, absolutely. You have a full 30 days to try the software, and if you are not satisfied in any way, contact us here and our team will refund your payment right away.

I Still Have Questions Before Making The Purchase?

Contact us at help section with any pre-sales question. You will surely get a reply.


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